Five Ways to Protect Your House While On Vacation


Vacation is part of a healthy lifestyle, but this is also the time where others look at it as an opportunity to take advantage of you. You have to secure the entire house before leaving your home with all your valuables on it. The time for getaways is also the time that burglars come out and play. If you can follow these five simple ways, then you are on the right track of protecting your home.

#1. Garage Door Safety

We never forget to lock the main door, but we always tend to forget about the garage door. Burglars don’t go for the main door. Why? Because they know that it is always the first thing you will secure.

#2. Leave the Lights On

Leaving the lights on will give an implication that there is someone in the house but burglars these days are getting upgraded. They can easily monitor if the lights are just on all the time. The best thing to do is be ahead of them. The market now offers a lot of timers for electronics. You can have it for your lights, television or other electronic things you have at home.

#3. Close your Windows

Alright, you locked all your doors and didn’t forget about the garage door. That is excellent. What’s not? You totally forgot about your windows. It is another way of entry for those smart burglars who will check every part of your house more than you did before leaving for vacation.

#4. Ask A Friend

Ask a favor from trusted friends to go over your house from time to time. It’s not just an empty house that can sell you to the burglars. Untended lawns and overflowing mails can also do the damage.


As much as you want to announce to the whole world that you are having a superb time, please refrain from doing so. Social Media is the number one informant of burglars. You can always save the pictures and post it with a late upload caption than be too late to salvage anything from your home.

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