How to be Safe When Renovating Your House


Everyone at home is vulnerable to the dangers of renovation. You can never be too sure. Burglars and opportunist contractors are very rampant. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Your home and family are your most precious possession that you need to secure. Getting a renovation is not an excuse for you to lower your guard. It gives you more reason to protect what is important to you. Don’t worry because there are ways to keep you protected even if your house is undergoing a major renovation.

Tighten Your Security

Before you start the renovation, get in touch with your security provider. There can be a lot of changes that can occur when the actual renovation begins. You can request added security cameras that you can monitor all the time. Install lights that have motion sensors to prevent those burglars from invading your home and put everyone at risk.


Hire the Tried Tested

It is crucial that you find a credible contractor for the job. Never settle for companies that have questionable credentials. It is best to ask around than trusting their word. Some of these companies will use the opportunity to get things from your home. Before you notice it was missing, it would already be too late. Always ask for a written copy of all their credentials like the insurance. Better Business Bureau is there for a reason, and that is to protect you. Don’t hesitate to call.

Make an Inventory

List all your belongings before the renovation begins. It can also help to let the contractor know that you’ve done an inventory for all your things. It is an indirect way of telling them that you have everything listed, and you will hold them accountable if anything goes missing.

Keep the Work Area Clean

Cluttered tools at the end of the day can cause temptation to burglars. If they can see an opportunity to steal, they would do it in a heart beat. It is going to be easy money for them. The worst part is that they will keep on coming back for more. They will try their luck every single time they see an opportunity. Give clear instruction to the contractor.  Finish the job for the day and keep the tools stored and locked.


Watch Out For Toxic Materials

When your house undergoes a major renovation, you will be exposed to all sorts of hazard. Paints, Varnishes and all the things that have lead content are dangerous to your health.  Children are more prone to this. Don’t let your little ones use the work area as their play place. Even debris around can cause an injury. For an added security precaution, ask the contractor to put up tarps or anything like it that can support falling debris. Your children are not the only ones that can be exposed. Keep your pets at bay as well.

It should never be trouble for you if we are talking about the welfare of your family and securing your interest.

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